[POS; Hahaha WAT]

[PUBLIC] I don't wanna be friends.

I can't believe that they piled homework on us already, and we've only been back for a day.

That's so fucking typical of our school, they never give us a break!!

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this song, and Gaga. ♥ If I had her fashion sense, I'd be set.

Maybe someday.

I think the last like, ten seconds, of this video make my life worth living.

She's so awesome.

Now back to homework, I guess..
[NEU; Uhhhh Confused Furrowed Brow]

[PUBLIC] I want your lovin, I want your revenge.

I don't see how asking for a walk-in closet for Christmas is weird/selfish/materialistic!

I know my mom is pregnant, but it's not like I'm asking her to build it herself!

And I know my parents already pretty much let me buy all of my presents on B-Friday, but still.. this is different.

I've wanted one forever, and I'm really running out of space in my room. It's just not big enough to hold all of my junk, and it's just.. tiny in here. As it is, my bed takes up like a third of my room, plus I have my desk, and my entertainment center, and I need to have room to use Wii Fit, and..

I just need a bigger room. I think a walk-in closet would at least help!

I have no clue what I'll do with all of the stuff I'm ordering from Cyber Monday, I totally stuffed my closet and my dresser with new stuff from Friday, sighhh..

It was awesome though, you should of seen this one lady, I swear to god I thought we were definitely going to scruff. She thought she was getting that purse? Think again, bitch.

Thank you, btw, Eric. ♥ For bringing your van, and for behaving!
[POS; Shopping Part Uno]

[PUBLIC] Those calendar girls ain't got nothing on me.


Allow me to unveil my official Black Friday itinerary!

It was a lot of planning and calculating, okay?

2am - WAKE UP
Harbucks - 240am [COFFEE STARTER]
Old Navy - 3am
Victoria's Secret - 330am
Kohl's - 4am
Harbucks - 425am [COFEE RELOAD]
Macy's - 430am
Banana Republic - 5am
Bath & Body Works - 530am
Forever 21 - 6am
Harbucks - 625am [COFFEE RELOAD]
Claire's - 630am
Abercrombie & Fitch - 7am
Aeropostale - 730am
Borders - 8am [FOR WENDY]
American Eagle - 830am
Cinnabon - 9am [BREAKFAST]
Gap - 930am
Disney Store - 10am
Dick's Sporting Goods - 1030am
Foot Locker - 11am
Harbucks - 1125am [COFFEE RELOAD]
Guess - 1130am
Hollister Co - 12pm
PF Changs - 1230 [LUNCH]
Radioshack - 1pm
Sunglass Hut - 130pm
The Body Shop - 2pm
Vans - 230pm
Harbucks - 225 [COFEE RELOAD]
Yankee Candle - 3pm
ALDO Shoes - 330pm
Journey's - 4pm
A/X Armani Exchange - 430pm
ALDO Accessories - 5pm
Harbucks - 525pm [COFFEE RELOAD]
MAC Cosmetics - 530pm
Pacific Sunwear - 6pm
Cache - 630pm
Footlocker - 7pm
Harbucks - 730pm [FINAL COFFEE]
9pm - SLEEP

We're going to our mall, plus Colorado Mills, Denver Pavilions, FlatIron Crossing, Park Meadows, & Cherry Creek Shopping Center.

And let's not forget, Cyber Monday is after this weekend, too~~ I'll write more about actual Thanksgiving after I do my shopping, y'all.

[ooc; LOL let us pretend this was actually posted Thursday night, instead of backdated.. I've been extremely busy irl, so I forgot this needed to go up, and it was too much fun to not use.]
[NEU; Thoughtful Sneaky]

[PUBLIC] Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy.

Okay, posting from my phone.

I noticed that we didn't have much of a turn out at the bake sale this morning, or much donation of the canned yums.

This must be rectified.

We have a ton of stuff [our team bakes even better than I thought!], but Wendy and I made some vegan stuff that you'd never know was vegan at all! I promise~

Zucchini carrot muffins with cinnamon crumble, banana walnut muffins, chocolate coconut madness bars, pecan blondies, flourless chocolate raspberry cake [ALSO GLUTEN FREE!!], chocolate truffles [DITTO!], pecan caramel chews, sticky cinnamon rolls.. and that's just what we made. All of the other girls made awesome stuff too, and they are un-vegan, if that's your bag.

Every $10 and over purchase will receive a free kiss. ♥ Courtesy of moi.

We're open at lunch time, and after school, so get your asses over. Cartman, I'm looking at you. Kenny and sweets? Like you can resist.

Oh! Also, Butters & 'Cedes? I finished up our outline for Friday, we got this in the bag. I'll post it tomorrow!
[NEG; Getting Upset]

[PUBLIC] Just get back up when it knocks you down.

We lost the tournament.

Okay, we were the third place team, and we beat Denver [those dumb whores only got fifth!], but we're still not going to the National Championship.

We could went to Washington, and brought home our trophy, and--

Apparently we should be happy, because we ranked, and we've never even ranked before this year, but..


I don't wanna talk about it.

It was my fault.

Somebody better fucking take me to see New Moon during Thanksgiving break. And I'm wearing my crown the whole time.

I'm going to hang out with Mercedes, peace.
[POS; Shopping the Sequel]

[PUBLIC] Don't stop till you get enough!

I just realized that I didn't post a picture of my homecoming dress into my journal!

I was going to keep it a big secret, but Wendy helped pick it, so I guess that means I don't have anybody to really hide it from..

Ta-da~ obviously, that's just from the store website, and I'm going to look way hotter in it, but that's the one!

Someone told me I needed a dress with slink, and no poofy.

I had it narrowed down to four, but this was my final choice. I had one really similar, that was knee length, but apparently that was kinda trampy for a formal event.. actually, isn't it semi-formal? Fuck that, I don't do it half way. I'm in it to win.

In other news, midterms are ruining my life, I'm stressed out of my mind, and my lovely girlfriend is the only thing keeping me from putting a gun in my mouth. Okay, not literally, but I'm pretty bummed. I feel like the whole thing is just.. I dunno.

It's too much of a busy week, and I dunno if I can handle it. But I'll do my best.

And we'll do our best this weekend, right girls?
[NEU; Uh That's New]

[FILTERED FROM KYLE] Every little stumble is you.

I need opinions, preferably female, unless you guys can give me input without being assholes.

Would this look good on Kyle, or too gay?

It's pretty expensive to buy online [as in over a hundred dollars], but I bet I can get one just like it at the mall during Black Friday for much cheaper. Or at least something similar.

Actually, I'll be able to get a lot of my Christmas shopping done then, too.

But last time I heard, I think Hanukkah comes first? So Kyle goes first.

What do all you guys want for Christmas though, actually? I'm thinking of maybe getting a job over winter break. Although using daddy's credit card, also an option.. he just doesn't seem to care.

I want it to really be from me. Wouldn't that be more special?

Back to trying to cram now, I guess.
[NEU; Uhhhh Maybe]

[PUBLIC] Even Schindler's List Wasn't That Long!

I am totally bummed about school being in again tomorrow.

Even if I missed club meetings and practices.

And we only get to go that one day to adjust, before we have to write our midterms! It's panic time! I studied a lot, but I dunno how I'll do.. it's going to be a crazy week, even after midterms, we have homecoming, and then I have the tournament. I have a feeling Sunday is going to be all sleep!

Which means snuggles. Wendy, I know you're in.

I guess at least the holidays aren't far behind that. I convinced mom to get tofurkey this year, at least for me, and lots of veggies. I think my grandparents [the other ones this time] are coming down to eat too, and then.. well, it's time for BLACK FRIDAY!

Also known as my favorite day of the yearrrrrrr~~ other than Christmas, and my birthday.

Wendy, we will shop, y/n?


I have figured out what I am going to get your for Hanukkah~ I already have one half picked out, but the other half is coming from here! Any preference? I think I might pick up a mix. I know you're not allowed to have too much sugar, so you'll have to keep them for moderation. ;)

I think the chocolate gold would be best, Eric told me you love gold!
[POS; Beautiful]

[PUBLIC] In the club with my homies~

First of all, it's Friday the 13th! Which is majorly scary.

Second, I am so mad about midterms, wtf.. do they realize that most of us have been dying of flu since last week?? Goddamnit, school.

Third, the Black Dahlia is a crappy movie.

And now let's have a flashback to 2004;

I loveeeeeee that song..

But now I need to focus on Wendy, because this may be the last night we get to spend together not studying, or stressing about school, at least until after my tournament next weekend.

Vitamin water and homemade popcorn almost make it better.

My whole week is one hundred percent packed, sigh.